Chute and Doors Brochure
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Chutes Enterprises Designs manufactures and installs complete waste and soiled linen chute systems.

Our manufacturing plant is located in lower New York Statr, with offices at the plant in New York City. We service and assit customers through out national network of experienced distributors. Our designers, fabricators and field personnel are constantly updating our design lines as well as adding and redesigning products to partially or completly replace systems and products no longer made by other manufactures.


Gravity Trash and Linen Chute

Our gravity chutes are designed and manufactured to comply with the latest N.F.P.A. 82 and national building codes. The chutes described on the specifcations listed below are 24" in diameter, the standard of the industry. We also manufacture/offer other sized to meet the particular project needs.

Recommended Standard Specifications


Chute Shaft:

Trash or linen chute shall be 24" diamenter, fabricated of 18/16 U.S. Gauge Aluminzed Steel or 304 type Stainless Steel.

Shaft to be fully factory assembled with all vertical seams lapped and welded and all horizontal seams slip jointed, with one expansion-slip jont per floor.

Provide 2"x2"x1/8" steel angle support shaft-frame at all floors

Provide each chute at the top intake floor with a 3/4" or 1/2" flush head and a 1/2" sprinkler head additional sprinkler at alternated floor below.


Intake Doors:

Trash Chutes: Provide 1518BH, or 1818BH, or 1215BH Bottom hinged, or 1515SH, or 1518SH, or 2020SH or 2121SH - Side hinged doors, to fulfill the particular need.

Linen Chutes: Provide 1818SH, of 1518SH, or 2020SH or 2121SH - Side hinged, or 1515BH, or 1818BH, or 2020BH - Bottom hinged doors.

Door to carry the 1 1/2 hour Underwrters Laboratories - B Lable fire rating


Discharge Outlet:

"O": Open end, when door is not required because the chute will be connected and sealed to the compactor machine.

"R": Rolling inclined type outlet door, held open with a 165 degree, UL fusible link.

"RB": Rolling inclined type outlet - "B" construction type, held open with 165, DL fusible link

"THT": Top hinged type door and box, to be used where there is no compactor.

"THL": Top hinged linen chute type door and slow down box.


Top Venting:

Chute shall extend full size through the roof weather flashing continue at least 48" where it terminates with a top explosion type cap.

Chute shall extend full soze through the roof, continue at 96" where it will turn 90 degrees and terminates with a side tpe 24x24 explosion type louver. Chute shaft above roof shall be enclosed with two hour rated shaft by others.

Chute vent ot louver assembly, to be fabricated of 18 U.S. Gauge aluminized Steel, or 304 Stainless Steel with all seams continuously welded/weatherproofed.

Recycling Trash Chutes

Our single or mulriple-stage recycling trash chute systems are single shaft chutes with a double or multiple funcution electric interlock system that by making a slection, will let the household trash go to the the compactor machine container or by selecting one of the recycling options, the system will electronically by a diverter chamber at the bottom of the chute. Installation must be performed by factory trained personnel.


Specialty Chutes

Our company manufacture through the years various specialty - one of a kind type chutes. Among them: Money chutes for banks, stores and casinos. Bread chutes for bakeries. Various type of chutes for the food industry. Coal chutes, cement chutes, grain chutes, sidewalk chutes/slides and other spercialties.



Erecting out chutes require two installers and a few standard tools. After distributing the shaft section pre-labeled by sequence and floor, the shaft is stacked, positioned and aligned/leveled. The Intake and outlet doors are shipped separately. The can be installed after the chute is enclosed with walls, preventing damage construction to the Stainless Steel Pre-polished finish.



We guarantee out chutes against defective materials or woekmanship for a period of one year, providing all components are properly used and mantained.

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