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The CE-150 trash compactor machine was designed for buildings with up to 150 apartments. Compacted refuse can be packed into single trash bags or into continuous plastic tube/ bagging packing up to ten bags without attention. This trash compactor can also be fitted with reusable trash containers, ranging from one to two yards, front or rear load types.


  • Chute fed: Maximum duty recommended of up to 150 apartments.
  • Capacity: 35,000 Lbs/8,000 cubic feet per day (24 hour), Cycle time: 30 seconds, Compaction ratio: 4:1.
  • Dimensions:72” High x 27” wide x 80” long
  • The Compactor is factory structurally/ welded and assembled in three sections: 1-The chassis holding the ram and the cylinder. 2-The hopper can be mounted in four different directions. 3-The nozzle cab be supplied in six different configurations. These options are offered to provide the best possible finish product for the unique project need.
  • Compactor machines are fully assembled and tested prior to shipment.
  • The unit is equipped with several safety features for proper operation and protection of the operator and the machine: Automatic fire sprinkler, Access hopper door shut off switch, sliding service door, full bag shut off switch and emergency stop switch.
  • Fully automatic operation, activated by photo electric cell, starting the ram compaction from fully retracted position and traveling beyond the upper shear blade. Starts/ Stops unattended, it also can be switched over to manually operated if required.
  • Equipped with motor overload and over pressure − time delay shut off relay protection.
  • Main body equipped with “Bernel 321 Harden Steel replaceable wear plate,” ¼” plate steel is used for the hopper impact plate and front access door/ body of hopper.


  1. Motor: Energy Saving-rated. -3 HP 60Hz-208/230/460V 3 phase, 4 wire NEMA Nom. Eff. 82.5 Std.
  2. Control and logic box circuits are fused as 115 Volts with OFF-ON switch and 5 Amp fuse.
  3. Wiring is in liquid tight ½” type E.F.S.T. flexible metal conduit, plastic − coated “se,” meets J.I.C. standards.


  • Hydraulic pump: two stage gear high/low pump rated at 5.5 g.p.m. equipped with 74 micron suction strainer.
  • Hydraulic cylinder − high pressure rated, (operating at a normal pressure of 2000 psi) 4” diameter bore 24” stroke.
  • Hydraulic hoses −1/2” (SAE 100 R-17 W.P.) rated 3000 p.s.i. working pressure/flame resistant.
  • Directional control Valve/manifold: 115 volt, 60 Hz two way NEMA 13 connected manifold block fitted with an automatic pressure relief valve.
  • All components rated 1 to 3 − load safety factor for burst pressure.
  • Hydraulic tank: 12.5 gallons. Equipped with Breather cap/ oil and check, drain plug.


  • Compactor body: ¼” plate chassis − reinforced with side rails, ½” steel front and back wall frame, all components continuously welded.
  • Equipped with replaceable ¼” Bernal 321 Harden Steel − Abrasion resistant wear plate.
  • Hopper: ¼” impact plate and front body of hopper − 11 Gauge hopper sides.
  • Shear: 2” x 4” solid steel block with harden steel blade.
  • Ram: ¾” plate − full face reinforced.
  • Shut off Safety gate: 1/4“ plate.
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