Bottom Hinge Intake Door

Stainless Steel Intake Doors:

1 1/2 hour "B" temperature rise - 30 degrees min. - 650 degree max. *Underwriters Laboratory Test #R15927, tested and approved for masonry and/or non-masonry walls.


*New York Board of Standards and APPEALS LABELS: MEA #206-96-M


Intake doors are self-closing, positive latching. Fabricated of polished stainless steel front and aluminized steel backs. Steel angle frame with 3- 1/2" steel extentions. Integral polished stainless steel trim with top side embossed designating the use of the chute, in English and braille. Pivot type hinge welded to the door frame. Door equipped with chrome plated key locking Tee handle latching assembly, fire rated locking (with two keys).


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