Maintenance Check List

Daily Check:


The compactor operator must check daily, with the compactor turned off:

  • Replace the bag as needed and reset the chain on the bag switch.
  • Clean any spillage with a broom/brush or damp cloth. Do not hose down the compactor.
  • Inspect the electric eye and reflector, as they may need to be cleaned and properly aligned.
  • Check all electrical control items to make sure they are set properly.
  • Turn on the compactor; the green light will go on.
  • The sprinkler system into the compactor should be clean and not leaking. If it is, have it fixed.



Weekly Check:


The compactor operator must check weekly, with the compactor turned off:

  • Limit switches: clean around them, make sure they are fastened and straight (NOT BENT OR MISSHAPEN).
  • Top sliding gate: clean tracks; operate to be sure of smooth action.
  • Front hopper door: open with compactor system on. If compactor does not stop with red light on, do not operate the compactor - it is not safe, call manufacturer for assistance.

       Bag chain and switch; pull chain-clip with compactor system on, if compactor does not turn off with red

       light on, callmanufacturer for assistance.



Monthy Check:


The compactor operator must check monthly with the compactor turned off:

  • Check for oil leaks.
  • Inspect all hydraulic hoses for leaks or damage due to friction against hard surfaces.
  • Inspect the level of the hydraulic oil.

The compactor machine hydraulic system is designed to be self-contained. If the machine is losing hydraulic oil, call the manufacturer for prompt service.



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