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Chutes Enterprises designs manufactures and installs complete waste and soiled linen chute systems. We manufacture all types of gravity chutes and Underwriters Laboratories 1 1/2 hr. "B" label doors.


Our manufacturing plant is located in Newark NJ with offices at the plant and in New York City.


We service and assist customers through our national network of experienced distributors. Our designers, fabricators, and field personnel are constantly supervised by managers with over 25 years of experience.


Our products have been installed throughout the U.S.A. and can be found in hospitals, and all types of housing, including new and old construction, hotels, and hospitality inns.


We are constantly updating our design lines as well as adding and redesigning products to partially or completely replace systems and products no longer made by other manufacturers.




774 Manor Road 

Suite #207
Staten Island, NY 10314 

(718) 494-2247


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